"Discover The Lost Teachings Of The Man Who Developed The Greatest Wrestlers In The History Of The World."

Frank Gotch was the world heavyweight wrestling champion from 1908 to 1915.

"I became a worlds champion BECAUSE my staunch friend and teacher "the old Farmer" MADE ME A CHAMPION. I was an ordinary farm boy, strong and healthy. From this Farmer Burns developed me so that I defeated all the great wrestlers of the world."

Frank A. Gotch
World Champion Wrestler


From: Russell Brunson
RE: The Life Work Of Farmer Burns...

Have you ever seen a man survive a six-foot hangman's drop?  Well, what "Farmer" Burns did was much more impressive than that...

Martin "Farmer" Burns lived in Iowa in the early 1900's and has been nicknamed, "The Grandmaster of American Wrestling."  He was not only an amazing wrestler, but was also known for training some of the top wrestlers in the world including Frank Gotch.

"Farmer" Burns was known as, "one of the most perfect specimens of physical man-hood that the generation has produced."  While some of his feats of strength are still legendary, there is one that stands out above the rest. 

His neck was so strong, that he was able to perform a stunt where he would take a six-foot hangman's drop and while still in the air would whistle "Yankee Doodle Dandy." 

And this wasn't something he did just once.  "Farmer" Burns did his famous hangman's drop dozens of times each week and thousands of people saw it. 

His neck was so powerful that what would have killed most men didn't even phase him.  Just take a look at the picture below where he is training his neck by having his two sons stand on his chest while he's in a neck bridge. 

"Farmer" Performing His Famous Hangman's Drop


"Farmer" Burns Holding His Sons Raymond And Charles On A Bridge.

While this is an amazing feat in itself, Farmer Burns also contributed a lot to the styles of wrestling and grappling that we use today.

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